Story of Time - Grayson Highlands
Story of Time - Grayson Highlands
Story of Time - Grayson Highlands

Story of Time - Grayson Highlands

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Now, an Award Winning Photograph!


Grayson Highlands State Park, VA

I have taken many pictures of the Blue Ridge and I’m always looking for something unique and something unexpected, you know the one that stops you in your tracks. Unfortunately, I have failed more times than I’d care to admit. 

The views are always breath taking and if you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about. I have taken many photos of them and always feel like I'm missing something.... until now!  

On a cool Sunday afternoon, I made my way to Grayson Highlands State Park. There was a spot I hadn’t photographed yet, and I found myself drawn to it that day.

After a short hike I found the rustic wooden fence that I thought might make a perfect piece to the photo. I set my camera up as the sun creeped closer to the horizon and took a few shots. They were nice but something was still missing. That unique and unexpected touch the photo needed.

Grayson Highlands is famous for the wild ponies, and one happened to be grazing a little way off. “Apple” was her name. And as if she could sense my despair, she lifted her head, looked at me, and trotted towards the only gap in the fence – a slat that had broken in times past.

Just as the sky hit its peak of color, Apple entered the frame, perfectly placed, and started grazing. This was it! This is what was missing. A once in a lifetime photo that will be captured in this incredible: Story of Time

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