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Welcome to Exploring Photography! A community for photographers of all skill levels. From the hobbyist to the full time professional. If you enjoy photography you're in the right place! 

I created Exploring Photography because I wanted to create a community for any photographer, of any skill level to be able to share their work, get advice, meet with like-minded people to learn and grow.

 Photography is a journey, you start from the bottom of the mountain, knowing nothing but maybe how to take a picture with your phone. To getting your first DSLR or Mirrorless camera. To climbing higher and higher and developing the love of capturing moments, whether they’re family vacation photos or the perfect sunset you’ve been waiting 3 weeks for. 

We all start at the same place on this journey. We may learn at different speeds but in the end, we’re all here because we love Photography!

We are Exploring Photography – Welcome to the Journey! 

-Will Simpson

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Below are some Youtube Videos I've done:


The MOST CONCISE Photography BASICS video you'll ever see! 

If you want to learn the basics in the shortest amount of time and not miss on any important information, THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU! I threw everything you need to take your camera out of the box and start taking photos! 


Need to Watermark your photos? Here are two videos, the first is for Lightroom Classic and the second is for Lightroom CC.

Lightroom Classic:

 Lightroom CC: 

12 Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Ready to Edit faster? Get started with some of the most helpful Editing Tips and Tricks 


Milky Way and Star Photography BASICS – Finding Focus, Settings and Editing

Night Photography is one of the most amazing forms of photography. Learn the basics in this video to be able to capture the magical world of space standing on Earth!


Are you a Beginner? Well here are the TOP 5 Beginner Questions! 


A DODGE & BURN Hack for the UPDATED LIGHTROOM Masking Feature

The video goes over a QUICK and EASY Lightroom Hack to Dodge and Burn ANY of your photos!


LEARN: Fstop and Aperture - Camera Settings Part 1

Ever had trouble with Aperture and Fstop? How they relate and why there is such confusion between the two? We handle that in this video!


LEARN: Shutter Speed - Camera Settings Part 2

The next, and definitely not any less important is Shutter Speed. This camera setting is necessary to understand to really control your camera. Plus it has some extremely cool effects!


LEARN: ISO - Camera Settings Part 3

The last but definitely not the least important camera settings is your ISO. Whats crazy is how many people DO NOT know what that stands for.