Secret Oasis

Secret Oasis

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Name: Secret Oasis

About the Photo:

A rumor, a treacherous drive, a moderate hike and no guarantee of success and this photo results.

I had been told of a beautiful waterfall, nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. One surrounded by trees, and the peaceful conversation of nature. Undisturbed by the workaday world, where life simply slowed down. 

This was the mission. I had heard a rumor of a secret waterfall, but I couldn’t find it on any map. It was up to the bleak directions I had been given and a little bit of luck. But it would be worth it if I could find the place that fit the description.

Heading out, I was immediately concerned as the drive was more intense than expected. First was a dirt road that didn’t look like it had been touched in 100 years. Winding its way up the side of a mountain, we climbed. The only reason we made it was because I have a fondness for off-roading vehicles.

Once parked, we located a small, unmarked trailhead, more of a deer path if you ask me. A few miles in and we came to a split. On a coin-toss decision, we carried on. As the day was fading, we were about to give up when we heard a small trickle of water.

With renewed motivation we moved deeper into the woods, pushing brush and limbs out of our way. A few more steps and we moved through a grouping of trees, like the forest was opening its door and allowing us in, we stepped through and found our: Secret Oasis.

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