Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White
Patiently Waiting - Black and White

Patiently Waiting - Black and White

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Name: Patiently Waiting

About the Photo:

Capturing a proper black and white photo is always somewhat difficult. You’re working with essentially two colors to express an entire scene and the emotion.

I love black and white photos. In my opinion, a good black and white tells a story unlike a color can. You have to capture the emotion, drama, wonder and everything else and express it, without the aid of color.

This is difficult and something I am far from expert at, but I’m always attempting. After tons and tons of failed attempts, trial and error, and general lack of success; I finally took this shot.

While out on a hike, not particularly sure what I was looking for, I came across this horse grazing. She was wild but didn’t seem to mind my presence. She had the calm demeanor of an animal used to people and comfortable in her space.

 As we enjoyed each other’s company, me taking some photos here and there, her grazing on the sweet grass, she raised her head and with a pleased expression, looked off into the distance. She seemed to be expecting something, waiting for something... 

With my camera at the ready, I quickly took her photo through the bushes. The simplicity of the photo, the emotion, and the calm demeanor she expressed was enough! Color would have simply detracted from all of it.

Black and White fit her perfectly as she was: Patiently Waiting

Come to find out a little later, she was pregnant and very soon to give birth.

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