Falcon 9 - LIMITED EDITION Print
Falcon 9 - LIMITED EDITION Print

Falcon 9 - LIMITED EDITION Print

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2022 International Photography Awards Honorable Mention in 2 Categories! 

Limited Edition Specifications:

This photo contains 105 seconds of flight time from launch. Therefore, there are only 105 prints available of each size. 

20x30: 105 (starting at #6)

24x36: 105 (starting at #6)

Each will be signed and numbered by me in the lower right corner. Don't miss out on these Limited Edition Prints!

About the photo: 

Flagler Beach, FL

I had traveled to the east coast of Florida, to Flagler Beach and had learned that there was a SpaceX launch at 12:30am Sunday morning. I had never seen one and my fiancé was adamant that I needed to. So we got the gear all packed and about midnight headed to the beach. 

As we waited, a huge thunderhead dominated the horizon throwing intense lightning across the sky. Unfortunately the storm was moving right towards Cape Canaveral, where the launch was taking place about 100 miles south. We waited, watching the storm grow closer and closer to the launch sight, worried the launch would be shrouded, or worse, cancelled! 

On June 19, 2022 at precisely 12:27am the launch began. At first it started as a slight glow in the distance. Then a faint rumble danced in the air. The glow began to grow bright, lighting up the sky. I began firing off shots.

The orange glow, like fire spreading amongst the sky, grew and grew as the rocket rose above the ground arching towards the stars above. As the rocket left the atmosphere the thunderhead cracked sending lightning across the sky as if to bid the Falcon 9 rocket farewell.

This was my first launch I’d ever seen and it was one I will never forget and so thrilled to capture this moment. For me, with the conditions as they were, everything was perfect and it truly was a once in a lifetime photo. 

Printing Information: 

Images are infused into specially coated surfaces, providing the most durable and longest lasting print medium. The aluminum panels are extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance without hiding your image behind glass. Sublimation metal also offers the highest fade resistance compared to every other photo medium. 

Dye-sublimation printing is a computer printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye onto many materials. In order to transfer the image from the paper to the aluminum, it requires a heat press process that is a combination of time, temperature and pressure. The heat press applies this special combination, to “transfer” the sublimation dyes at the molecular level into the aluminum.

The images are fade resistant- the latest testing shows they will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage. They are chemical resistant- the surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaner. The images are also moisture resistant.

The aluminum is .045" thick and is finished with a float mount on the back for hanging. The Aluminum panels are lightweight, durable, and made with recycled material and 100% recyclable.

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