Driftwood Moment
Driftwood Moment

Driftwood Moment

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About the photo: 

Honeymoon Island, FL

On my hunt for a picture that emulates the beach and really captures the feel of the beach, I couldn't find what I was looking for. Sometimes that's the case though. You plan and plan but sometimes things just don't go the way you were hoping.

As the sun was setting, I started to lose hope and throw it in for the day. I decided to just hang out and enjoy the sunset. Just before I sat down, I saw this unique looking piece of driftwood. The way it was sitting gave me an idea. 

I set the camera up, waited for the last glow of the sun and.... CLICK! 


This 8x10 Print comes in an 11x14 matte. You can either choose a white matte or black matte. 

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