Beauty and Wonder
Beauty and Wonder

Beauty and Wonder

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Multnomah Falls, OR

One of the most iconic waterfalls in Oregon. Known far and wide, this towering beauty draws people in like moths to a flame. Thousand of photos have been taken of this place but still people flock to it to bask in its grandeur.

When I was in Oregon it was my first stop right after we landed. I had been dreaming of coming here since I first laid eyes on a picture of it. I thought, this is a dream photo for me. Arriving to location, it was busy, people everywhere from the bottom to the top but I patiently waited for my moment and snapped the shutter. I needed a slightly longer shutter to get the smooth water effect, the picture was perfect and this photo was now part of the collection! 

Beauty and wonder is what I feel looking at this photo! I hope you do too!


This 8x10 Print comes in an 11x14 matte. You can either choose a white matte or black matte. 

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