Life on Pause
Life on Pause

Life on Pause

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About the photo: 

Downtown St. Pete, FL

During the COVID Pandemic of 2020, the world had become a weird place. People stayed home, cars remained parked and the world quieted for a time. It was a strange moment in history.

This was a shot taken mid this time. A street that is never empty. A time of day that would normally be overcrowded. In a place that always has traffic. To capture this shot again, with the sunset on fire like it is, would nearly be impossible and that is what makes this photo so unbelievable. 

It captures a beautiful scene during a tumultuous time! The dichotomy of this photo stands strong just as we did through that event! 


This 8x10 Print comes in an 11x14 matte. You can either choose a white matte or black matte. 

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