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Story of TimeAward-Winning Photo

For me, photography is a way to freeze a memory, a moment, or an experience. Which is why I strive to create impressionable photos that not only I enjoy, but you as well. A photo that transports you back to some similar pleasant experience.

Grayson Highlands is one of the prettiest State Parks I have ever been to. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it’s the lush green fields, layers of Blue Ridge Mountains, the wild ponies, the sweet smelling, crisp air or maybe a mix of it all. It reminds you of a simple time with no stress and allows you to just relax and enjoy.

On a cool Sunday evening, I made my way to this beautiful spot I had been wanting to photograph. A small hike up brought me to this rustic wooden fence. It was late fall, and the air was cool. I set my camera up and took a few photos. They were nice but something was missing.

I couldn’t put my finger on it. The sunset was beautiful, the fence accented it nicely and the view was incredible. What was I missing?

One of the famous wild ponies stood grazing a little down the hill. “Apple” was her name. As if she knew what I was thinking, she answered my question. She started making her way towards the only opening in the fence, a broken slat that I had been using as the subject.

Just as the sky hit its peak of color, Apple entered the frame, perfectly placed, and started grazing. This was it! This is what was missing. A once in a lifetime photo that will be captured in this incredible: Story of Time

I have sold my art in galleries and have been featured in several publications and this photo has become a two-time AWARD-WINNING PHOTO. They’ve repaired the fence featured in this photo so it can never be replicated!

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