How to Create SHARPER Images

One of the biggest questions I get is, "How can I get sharper images?" and even "How can I fix my blurry images?" Especially when it comes to Instagram photos. I don't know how many people ask me how I get my photos on Instagram to be so sharp! 
But Instagram is not the only place that counts. Having crisp, sharp images can really make the difference between a "good" photo and a "GREAT" photo. 

So how do you get sharper photos? 

If you prefer video, click below! Otherwise, keep reading below 😃
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 Open your image in Photoshop. With the background layer selected, hit command/control + J twice. This will make two copies of your background layer. 
Rename these layers:
 Copy 1, name: Normal
Copy 2, name: Vivid
With the VIVID layer selected, press command/control + i. This will invert this layer making your photo look really weird.
Next choose the blend mode and change it from "Normal" to "Vivid Light"
After that, go into Filter in the top menu and select Gaussian Blur. Choose a value between 2-4. Too much will overdo the effect and look shitty. You want a small amount but enough where you can see the edges of the photo. 
In this case we choose 2.4. Press Okay.
Next, Select both Vivd and Normal layers by pressing and holding shift then selecting the layers.
Then press Command/Control + G. This will Group the layers together in a folder. Rename the folder 'Sharpening'.
With the folder selected, go to the blend mode and change it from "Pass Through" to "Overlay".
This mode will hide the gray, anything lighter than the gray will be brightened and anything darker will be darkened, thus creating more contrast in the image and more sharpening!
If you want to be more specific, you can create a mask on the group and use the brush to apply this effect to only the parts of the image you want. 
If you'd like to download this Photoshop Action FREE which simply allows you to select the layer and press play and it does the rest of the work, click here:
When using this Action, simply open the group by clicking on the arrow you see above, you can double click on the Gaussian Blur adjustment and adjust the blur as needed. The higher the blur, the more the sharpening affect. The lower the blur, the less the affect. Simply adjust as needed for your image. 
For more information on Photoshop Actions, how they work, how to install them, create your own etc., click the link below for the video or BLOG.

Photoshop Actions Video:

Photoshop Actions Blog: coming soon

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